Personal trainer

“A human being is a single being unique & unrepeatable.”

Ellen Caddy

We all have a unique body, soul and mind. Each of us has our own height, weight, bones and muscle structure, metabolism, lifestyle, and story.
That’s the reason why I believe that each person should have a very personal approach when it comes to any kind of physical and mental practice.

Everyone also has different goals in life; you may be in the same class with 20 people and everyone may have totally different goals but are doing the same moves..!?! Does that make sense to you?

I propose you a fully personalized and customized practice:

Personal Yoga teacher:

Personalized yoga asana (poses) sequencing based on Hatha and Ashtanga techniques, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Personal fitness trainer:

Personalized workouts according to your goals with nutritional recommendations.

Specialized stretching classes:

General improvement of joint mobility and muscle flexibility according to your ability and body type.

All of it just for you, because…
“Each of us is unique.”


Group classes

Are you a gym, a yoga studio or a retreat and need a teacher? Feel free to contact me too. I also have experience in teaching groups from beginner to advanced levels.


Brand ambassador

Is your brand related to yoga, fitness or healthy lifestyle? I would be happy and proud to represent and promote it through my website/blog, Facebook and Instagram.


Are you selling products related to yoga, fitness, healthy lifestyle and well-being?
I would gladly become an affiliate for your products through my website.
I offer to compose and post interesting and informative articles about your product via my website and share them through my social media accounts.


Fitness-yoga model

Looking for a new body/face for your upcoming advertising/marketing campaign?
Here I am! With my experience as a professional ballet dancer, international aerial artist, yoga teacher and fitness instructor, my body can do pretty much anything!


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