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Date: 6 Dec 2018 Yoga

The Body: Your one true life partner

The Body: Your one true life partner Throughout our lives we consider many people to be our life partner, whether it be our parents when we’re children, a partner as we discover love, our friends as we go through hard times or even a pet we have a special connection to. We spend so much […]

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Date: 6 Nov 2018 Yoga


RAIN MEDITATION Let’s start by saying this: I am an island/beach girl! I love sun, heat, palm trees and the beach so much! So rain, especially when it’s combined with cold weather, is not really my cup of tea! In Europe during the months of November as autumn is arriving, we get a lot of […]

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Date: 5 May 2018 Yoga


WHAT IS OM?  While practicing yoga, I am sure that you have heard people chanting “OM” or you have even said it yourself, probably without even knowing what it stands for! Have you ever wondered what it actually means and where it comes from? The sacred syllable OM is an ancient Sanskrit symbol first found […]

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Date: 27 Apr 2018 Yoga


When was the last time you thought about breathing? Unless you just ran a race or have a bad cold, you probably take breathing for granted and don’t give it a second thought. Isn’t it interesting how something so critical to life goes on without you even thinking about it? “ For breath is life, […]

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Date: 30 Mar 2018 Yoga


Most people think that “yoga” is some kind of fitness exercise or a good way to lose weight. But it’s so much more than that! Yoga is a way of life. The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means “union”. It’s the union of the body, soul and mind and finding the balance between all of them. […]

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